Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Spatial Relations with Food

We participated in Good Food Good People's first ever Spring Anticipator CSA. With a dozen eggs coming our way every week, we've been eating lots of egg salad, tuna salad, hard boiled eggs, omelettes, and anything else that needs eggs. It's been fun to see what the local farmers were able to store from their late fall and winter crops. We've had some yummy hydroponic tomatoes, carrots, parsnips, potatoes, turnips, a rutabaga, and a few apples. The potatoes were starting to take over more than their fare share of my countertop, so I whipped up some baked potato soup tonight. 
We ate a couple of servings, walked four servings across the street to a neighbor, and saved the rest for leftovers. Every time I pack a container to near overflowing, I think of my grandmother. After a big holiday meal, the family helped to wash dishes and put away leftover food in her kitchen. Inevitably, Granny handed me a huge bowl of leftover green beans (or whatever was cued up for storage next) and an empty Cool Whip container. I looked at the green beans and then at the container thinking, "There is no way this is all fitting in here." Sure enough, those green beans fit and there wasn't room for one more. I am proud to say that those skills were passed onto me. It has helped me space plan many offices in some of my previous jobs, has enabled me to pack the trunk of a car for road trips with no room left except for the passengers, and continues to allow me to save every last bite of delicious leftovers without a serving or a bean going to waste.