Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Sprout and I on a Blood Glucose Curve

Yesterday was hard. As of the end of January, our little Sprout is fighting diabetes. We’re still working on finding the correct dosage of insulin for her. She’s lost 3 pounds since last fall – about 20% of her body weight. Most days she is her tail-wagging, energetic, walk-loving, sweet self. The days when she’s lethargic and not as sure-footed are soul crushing to watch.
Loving the walk on a warm day in January

Yesterday I did my first blood glucose curve with her. Starting at 6:30 am, I inserted the test strip in the glucose meter, stuck her for blood, touched the test strip to the blood, waited for a number from the meter, and recorded the number in a spreadsheet that simultaneously generated a line graph. I repeated this process every two hours until 8:30 pm last night.

Some of you know that I have historically become light headed and near fainted around needles. My reaction is completely mental. Some days I’m able to power through it (I close my eyes every time I go to my acupuncturist and have managed to administer insulin shots to Sprout without hitting the decks beside her, yet). Yesterday…the needles…the multiple sticks to successfully extract a drop of blood…the concern over a sick animal that I love so much…the mental and physical exhaustion set in at day’s end.

With each life experience there is a lesson. The last two and half months watching and helping Sprout live with diabetes has been eye opening. The meticulous detail to which this disease must be monitored constantly is mentally exhausting, not to mention the debilitating physical implications of the disease. I have so much empathy for my friends and family that live with diabetes. Going through this process is a great incentive for me to eat well, exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Excess sugar and a sedentary lifestyle can add up to a miserable and sometimes deadly combination.
At the end of the day, I took Sprout out to pee. After a weather bizarre April, I was amazed at the clarity of the sky and a beautiful view of the moon and Venus. I called my son out to share in the site. He was inspired to take this picture – “intentionally fuzzy so that it looks more like a painting”. It was a moment of joy at the end of a tough day, and a reminder of how beautiful our lives are when lived in gratefulness, wonder, love, and kindness. 

I am grateful for every day that I get to spend with Sprout. She has blessed our family with her unconditional sweet love and tail-wagging happiness. She inspires me to seek out the joy in the simple moments every day. Here’s hoping her blood sugars are regulated and she is setting a mean pace for our family along the Appalachian Trail again soon.