Monday, May 7, 2012

Good Food Good People

Tomorrow begins a new journey. I will be picking up our first Veggie Advocate Share from Good Food Good People at the West End Community Market. Good Food Good People is farmer-owned and farmer-operated community supported agriculture (CSA). All of the food is grown within 100-mile radius of Floyd, VA which is about 35 miles from where I live.

Community Supported Agriculture - Yay!!

I just received our first newsletter which includes a list of food we'll receive and some suggestions for recipes. 
May 8, 2012
Your box this week will contain:
Baby Lettuce Mix—Fertile Crescent Farm (BIO)
Kale, Red Russian—Full Circle Farm (BIO)
Baby Bok Choy—Fertile Crescent Farm (BIO)
Tomatoes, hydroponic—Yoder’s Farm (Low-Spray)
Green Garlic—Fertile Crescent Farm (BIO)
Rosemary—Virginia Klara’s Farm (BIO)
Strawberries—Yoders’ Farm (CONV) 
Recipes included: Baby Bok Choy with Green Garlic, Greens and Green Garlic, and Green Garlic Pesto. 

We love going to the farmers market and supporting our local food sources. This year we'll be embracing what is in season and eating whatever comes our way each week. I look forward to the challenge with containers for freezing and canning, food dehydrator, and compost bins standing ready for action. 

Next week we'll pick up the next Veggie Share and our first Fruit Share. My little fruit-lover, a.k.a. fruitarian, will be thrilled. 

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