Saturday, November 27, 2010


Memorial Day weekend 2010 the boxes were packed and loaded sideways, upside down and right side up into the moving truck along with all my other material possessions headed for the city. I locked the doors of the structure I had called home for just over 9 years and followed the truck.

My son looking at the "baby, tiny" grass
Inspired by friends and a compelling feeling to share tidbits of what I learn along the way, I'm carving out a little niche for myself, friends, family and others that wish to gather here for us to listen, share, grow, learn, and love. 


  1. I'm very excited about this new blog! Love the name too :)

  2. Thanks Annie. I'm excited about it too. All the credit goes to you for the name. :)

  3. Yo Green Mama,

    This is a neat idea. I hope you will do a follow up and tell us if it made a noticeable difference in comfort and/or energy bills.

    Why didn't you use the window shrink wrap? I know it won't work over the steel windows; I have them too. But the shrink is effective over the double hungs. I suppose you could do the bubble wrap against the glass and then add the shrink wrap over top of the wood frame. What about closing off rooms and using a space heater?

    Stay warm!