Monday, December 6, 2010

Bottled Up

A couple of my friends reminded me that I did not provide full disclosure to my water savings success in my last post. I totally forgot about working for a few days to maximize water displacement in the toilet tank. I fell victim to out of sight out of mind and have been letting the bottles do their thing.

Per the date inside the toilet tank, my toilet was manufactured August 24, 1970 - a verified water guzzler. I've heard of displacing water with bricks placed in the toilet tank. This is not a good option as the bricks may erode and leave sedimentation in the toilet tank (not that mine could look much worse). Since I don't typically drink sodas, I solicited a few polyethylene terephtalate (PETE or #1) bottles from friends. In addition to my mellow yellow practice and with a little finagling around moving toilet parts, I managed to wedge one - 2 liter bottle and two - 20 oz bottles into my toilet tank. The bottles are filled with water for ballast.
Bottled up toilet tank
I never promised that my photos would be glamorous. For that matter, I don't know that I've ever seen the inside of toilet tank that I would call glamorous - even the brand, spanking, new ones (my apologies the toilet manufacturing industry).

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